WHAT IS THE WHITE VALVE FOR? The main purpose of your face mask valve is to allow easier exhalation than traditional masks, prevent excess humidity and reduce uncomfortable heat and buildup inside the mask.

WHAT KIND OF FILTER DOES IT HAVE? We use a particle PM 2.5 filter that has been found effective to isolate most types of harmful particles. This filter is made with five layers of support that contain activated carbon, non-woven fabric & melt-blown paper.
It's a nice addition to our mask if you want an extra layer of protection. Your mask has an opening, and it's very easy to insert or replace your filter. You need to renew the filter after 2 days (if used for school, work), 1 week (if used shopping or hang out), renew medially (if used for hospital or doctor visit).

DO I NEED TO BUY A FILTER? While most prefer to purchase a filter for additional protection, this is an optional add on. 

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR FACE MASK? Your face mask is safe to be hand-washed or machine wash. If you choose to machine wash, simply wrap around a shirt, wash purse or towel to keep your valve extra safe.

DO YOU HAVE A FACE MASK FOR ADULTS AND KIDS? We now have face masks for all of Adults and Kids safe too and get them prepared for great for everyday use.






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