Body measurement instructions

How to measure your body
Inches or CM: ________
Height: ________
Armcye (Upper Arms)________
Shoulder: _________
Bust: ________
Shoulder to bust point:_________
Shoulder to underbust: _________
Underbust: ________

Shoulder to waist: ________
Waist: ________ 
Hips (Fullest part of bottom): _________
Skirt (waist to hem): _________
 this is how dress length you want
Sleeves length: _________if dress has sleeves 

Armscye: Measure from the tip of the shoulder, around the edge of the bust, under the arm, and back up to the shoulder.
Shoulder to bust point: Measure from the shoulder, down to the bust-line, which is where your nipples will align
Shoulder to under bust: Measure from the shoulder, down to the bust-line down which is where your end bottom of bust.
Underbust: Measure around your torso immediately beneath your bust.
Waist: Measure at the smallest part of your waist. If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your waist.

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